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How to promote your website

Getting web traffic can be quite difficult when the website is new. Here are some tips that could help bring initially needed traffic boost.

Submit to a social website
Facebook: post web page to your timeline, or promote your website by creating a Facebook page (you could even use paid service)

How to promote your website using Twitter:

Twitter can be quite useful to promote your business on your website. On average daily tweets are around 500 million which amount to almost 200 billion tweets per year. Tour post will be like a single molecule of H2O in an ocean but still someone will see it. Some of the important aspect that you understand is its tagging system which is hashtags. Each Hashtag essentially creates a page where all the tweets related to the hashtag are present at one place. Hashtags if used properly can be very useful in promoting tweet which generates significant views and related link clicks.

Useful twitter links:
Symplur: Healthcare hashtag information and analytics.
Communit: Twitter community management platform. 20 free engagements for a week. Useful to understand your community and keep track of them. Geo-targetted twitter analytics and management website.

How to promote your website using Reddit:

Useful reddit links:
RedditMetrics: tool to track data about subreddit and their growth.

Some of the popular medical based hashtags that I encountered so far include the following #machinelearning, #cancercure, #cancervaccine, #zikavirus.

Google plus profile: is another good source, create a community or group posts in collections.
Others:, edcast, Mendeley, LiveJournal, Delicious