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Sectors that will enhance future living

Agriculture: Should be evolved in two ways to help transition in to advanced economy. It should increase yields per acre and also increase yields per energy cost. Second way agriculture should develop is to improve more decentralized individual units (eg. family unit producing part of their required produce at home). For the second part technology development and education should be focused to attain it.
Aspects of agriculture that need to be addressed. Increase irrigation lands (especially in developing parts of the world) and better irrigation techniques. Better yeilding varieties (including genetically modified varieties). It is however important to address mainitaining varied genetic pool to address catastrophic loss due to unimaginable circumstances. Reduce cost of agriculture in general. Newer technology (Hydroponics etc).

Healthcare: Important part of health care is to reduce the cost as it can be prohibitive to provide healthcare to entire population. Technology development should be focused more in that aspect. Focus also should be on providing support and freedom to dependent elderly. Advancement of genetics and modification can improve longevity and other capabilities, which may be good in one aspect but it can also bring to us unforeseen situations and dangers accompanying it.

Energy: Important aspects are sustainability, cost and preservation of nature. Putting more thought I feel securing reliable, renewable and cheap source of energy will be most important part of next stage of development. It will improve everything else along with it. Research focussed on energy would definitely be more important.

Future sources of energy 
Fusion energy:

Space: Final frontier. This could be our source for commodities, place to expand for growing population or just exploration for enthusiasts.

Home: Should be decent and happy place to live. Internet of things might help with that. My dream is home for all without a significant financial burden.

Education: Quality education should be free to those who aspire to get it.

Everything else: Transportation, Entertainment, Government, Culture, Liberties I will discuss more later.

Links Urban Algal Canopy by EcologicStudio. Solar Ripasso dish - 34% of the sun’s energy hitting the mirrors is converted directly to grid-available electric power. Ripasso Energy 3d printed Stirling engine by Andreas Haeuser. Material sciences Large scale graphene composite fabrication by chemical vapor deposition by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.